Financial Information, Audits & Transparency

The Waterfront District Commission is a small, quasi-governmental office with a similar budget. Income is based on developer fees and rental income: We honor our government support and fiscal goals by carefully spending the funds with which we have been entrusted and are committed to fiscal transparency.

The Commission conducts a financial audit every year.

FY21 Budget

FY19 Audited Financials

2020 Q3 Financial Update

2019 Annual Report

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2020 Q1 Financial Update

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2019 Q4 Financial Update

2019 Q3 Financial Update

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2019 Q1 Update

FY 2019 Budget

2018 Annual Report

2018 Q4 Financial Update

2018 Q3 Financial Update

2018 Q2 Financial Update

2018 Q1 Financial Update

2017 Annual Report

2017 EPWC Financial Statements/Audit Report

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