Application & Process

Look at the Application Checklist for your Minor or Major Project to ensure that you have everything you need to submit a completed application. Submit your application and application fee. There is a different fee structure for Minor and Major projects.  Please also look at the application flow chart for an idea of our review process.


We will determine if your application is complete. When we have reviewed it, we will issue a Certificate of Completeness. Once the Certificate is issued, the Waterfront Commission has 40 days to decide whether to approve your project. Larger projects may require a 90-day review period, if both parties agree that it is necessary.

Your project goes to the Waterfront Commission for referral to the Design Review Committee and (if waivers are required) the Hearing Panel. (There is no separate appearance needed before the East Providence Zoning Board).

A public workshop with the Design Review Committee (DRC) is held to gather input on the project. The project must be sent to the East Providence Planning Board, which must determine at a public meeting if it is consistent with the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The DRC and the Hearing Panel hold one public hearing each: these can often be scheduled on the same day.

The DRC and Hearing Panel hear testimony from you and your project team, as well as the Commission’s peer review consultants. Public input is also taken at this time. The Hearing Panel will decide whether to approve your requested waivers. The DRC will vote as to whether to recommend approval of the project (with any conditions and changes) to the Waterfront Commission. The Waterfront Commission holds a final public hearing to vote on you project.


The developer’s Information packet is the place to start for what you need to apply.


Our review process.