The Waterfront Commission has been charged with facilitating the transformation of the East Providence waterfront into a model of urban revitalization. Its work will help shape the East Providence waterfront for the next one hundred years.

Business and governmental leaders have long recognized that the East Providence waterfront has tremendous economic development potential. Large tracts of land formerly used for industrial purposes sit vacant on spectacular Narragansett Bay, across from the thriving capital city of Providence, Rhode Island, are waiting to be returned to productive use.

A streamlined regulatory process – led by the Waterfront Commission – has been established to facilitate redevelopment and to implement our vision:

  • Environmental Improvements: waterfront development should improve current site conditions while protecting and enhancing the natural environment.
  • Public Access: waterfront development should provide the public with improved access to the East Providence coastline.
  • Economic Development: waterfront development should stimulate both short – and – long term economic development opportunities in East Providence and Rhode Island.
  • Fiscal Impact: waterfront development should have a positive fiscal impact on local and state government.
  • Mixed-Use: waterfront development should, in the aggregate, provide a self-sustaining mix of commercial, residential, institutional, light industrial, civic and recreational uses.
  • Quality Product: waterfront development projects should be of high quality – in terms of purpose, planning, architecture and materials.
  • Community Sensitivity: waterfront projects should be sensitive to historical and community concerns.