Find Your Parcel

The Waterfront District is further divided into eight separate zones of activity, each with unique development characteristics and potential. These zones are identified as special development sub-districts. Each of the six districts has an anticipated land use.

The eight sub-districts collectively represent the diverse development generally expected to occur within the Waterfront District. The Waterfront Commission is committed to promoting balanced and sustainable land uses throughout the East Providence waterfront.

To find parcel information, use the East Providence Geographic Information System.  To find parcel zoning and other information, click on the “Switch Quickmaps” icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page (the four squares icon); click on the “Open Map Tools” icon (the hammer); draw a rough freehand shape on the desired parcel: the selection results will pop up on the left-hand side of the page; double-click on the property: a box will pop up on the map with parcel info; click on “links” and then “real property search”: this will bring you to the Assessor’s page about the parcel.  The zoning is at the bottom, under “Zone”.  Phew!

Waterfront Districts