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Brochure (1.6 MB)
Application and Developer Information Packet
East Providence Profile
Special Enabling Legislation
2003 East Providence Waterfront Special Development District Plan (4.2 MB)
Waterfront District Zoning Ordinance - Article IX
Phillipsdale Sub-District Design Guidelines
Veteran's Memorial Parkway Sub-District Design Guidelines
Bold Point Sub-District Design Guidelines
Kettle Point Sub-District Design Guidelines
Crook Point Sub-District Design Guidelines
Taunton Avenue Sub-District Design Guidelines
Pawtucket Avenue Sub-District Design Guidelines
Dexter Road Sub-District Design Guidelines
Design Guidelines- Illustrations and Diagrams

Waterfront Commission FY15 Budget
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Plan July 2008
Fees for proposed development projects (approved on 10/23/08)
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Application
TIF Project Process
TIF fees (approved 6/09)
TIF Assessment Plan
TIF Assessment Plan- Appendix A
SBA Green Loan Fund Application
.ppt Waterfront presentation
Kettle Point Fiscal Impact Analysis 5-1-13
Kettle Point Traffic Impact Analysis
Most recent Waterfront Commission financial audit
Application for FY15 RI Legislative Grant funds


Overall Subdistrict Layout
Northern Waterfront Development District (1.4 MB)
Southern Waterfront Development District (1.3 MB)

Individual Subdistricts
Bold Point Subdistrict (2.7 MB)
Crook Point Subdistrict (2.7 MB)
Dexter Road Subdistrict (1.2 MB)
Kettle Point Subdistrict (1.0 MB)
Pawtucket Ave. Subdistrict (1.2 MB)
Phillipsdale Subdistrict (1.1 MB)
Veterans Memorial Subdistrict (1.1 MB)
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