Colonial Mills is a business located in the Waterfront Commission’s Pawtucket Avenue subdisctrict. The East Providence Waterfront Commission is the permitting authority for 300 acres of the East Providence Waterfront. The goal of the commission is to support the revitalization of vacant derelict structures and buildings and underutilized land to attract new businesses, jobs, housing, recreation, civic and cultural opportunities. We spoke to Gregg Scarlata, President and Chief Operating Officer, to learn more about Colonial Mills.

What is Colonial Mills?

Colonial Mills is a family-run business bringing a new twist to traditional New England rug making. A textile manufacturing company specializing in quality braided products, Colonial Mills offers a line of rugs, storage baskets, chair pads, and other home accessories all manufactured in the Rumford facility. The company, which was founded in Rhode Island in 1977, employs over 100 people, many of whom are from East Providence.

How does the new facility serve the company?

Before Colonial Mills moved to East Providence in 2019, the facility was working out of a warehouse on Mineral Spring Avenue in Pawtucket. The transition to moving to East Providence was streamlined and easy due to the Waterfront District’s permitting authority. Because Colonial Mills operates using a made-to-order model, the 72,000 square foot facility in the Waterfront District allows the sales team to be under the same roof as the manufacturing team and still have room for expansion.


Where can you find their products?

Colonial Mills’ products are sold nationwide through select retailers, on their website, and in-person at their factory outlet store in Rumford. Their products ship internationally and have an average order turnaround in less than 5 days.

For information to visit the factory outlet in Rumford, visit