THE SOUTH QUAY: The 33-acre riverfront parcel created in 1976 by the Providence Worcester Railroad may soon contribute to the offshore wind industry.

 (This article was originally posted in the Providence Journal on January 19, 2023. Please see the original article here.)

“PROVIDENCE — Governor Dan McKee’s budget proposal includes an additional $25 million for the South Quay marine terminal in East Providence, which would bring the state’s overall investment to $60 million in an infrastructure project that supporters say will boost jobs and the offshore wind industry.

South Quay — pronounced “key” — is a proposed $200 million marine terminal on a 33-acre site along the Providence River. The term of art is a marshaling port, where wind turbine components come ashore by ship, are gathered and assembled, and then go back out by barge for installation on offshore wind turbine projects.

The proposed project is on a filled site on the banks of the Providence River. It was once planned as a ship-to-rail terminal, but it was never fully developed and lay fallow for decades.”

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