The Residences at Bold Point are coming to a much-anticipated completion. Located in the Bold Point Harbor subdistrict of the East Providence Waterfront, these apartment units join other new residences in the Waterfront. PKL Ventures, LLC, purchased the land in 2019 and completed Phase 1 which includes 22 attractive residential units on the site of the former Hot Rides auto dealership in 2021. Located at 30 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway, the site is within walking distance to the East Bay Bike Path, Bold Point Park and the burgeoning Watchemoket Cultural District that features the Comedy Connection, Black Duck Tavern and other venues. Based on the successful leasing of each unit, the developer is constructing Phase II which will feature 12 additional units on the abutting parcel.

The 34 newly constructed units are a welcomed addition to the city’s limited and aging housing supply. The additional housing units will also contribute to replenishing the city’s declining population and labor force.

The location of the units are in the newly designated East Providence Art District by the State of Rhode Island. The new designation exempts writers, composers, and artists residing within the art district from state personal income tax derived from their art. The city specifically identified this area as having challenges with development and wanted to create an incentive for the creative community to live, create and sell their artwork in East Providence.