(This article was originally posted in the Boston Globe on December 16, 2022. Please see the original article here.)

“East Providence-based Brands of Portugal is the sort of business that, if you’re a second generation Portuguese-American who loves wine, will give you a pallet-size case of envy. Yes, the job involves traveling to Portugal several times a year, trying great new wines to
bring back, and hearing the stories of people working small family winemakers in the old country. For the Saraivas, both of whom come from families of Portuguese immigrants, it was a natural fit.

The business started in February 2021, and got its first container in September that year. Rhode Island has a tiered liquor distribution system, so you won’t be able to buy bottles directly from them. Instead, their customers are liquor stores and restaurants around Rhode Island and Massachusetts and even into Tennessee, with expansion plans for Maine and New Hampshire soon. You can find the products they’ve imported at, for example, the Town Wine & Spirits in Rumford, which has a broad selection of its products and can fulfill special orders from the company’s portfolio, or at Portuguese restaurants like O Dinis in East Providence and Aguardente in Providence.”

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