THE SOUTH QUAY: The 33-acre riverfront parcel created in 1976 by the Providence Worcester Railroad may soon contribute to the offshore wind industry.

 (This article was originally posted in the Providence Journal on January 9, 2022. Please see the original article here.)

The 33-acre riverfront property known as the South Quay may soon be used to capture a big piece of the coming offshore wind power construction boom for Rhode Island. The City of East Providence, a Boston Developer, and state commerce officials have teamed up on a plan to build a $100-million wind port on the Quay where turbine pieces would be delivered, assembled and sent out into the Atlantic.

The City sees an offshore wind terminal as an industrial job producer that would take advantage of the site’s unique location without causing any new environmental problems or bothering nearby residents.

Wind turbine segments would arrive at the port by water, be unloaded and assembled there and then shipped out to wind farms by water.

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