Fulcrum Speedworks LLC, an innovative manufacturer of hydrofoil boats, has successfully completed its relocation to Phillipsdale Landing.  The company’s new manufacturing facility located on the banks of the Seekonk River in Rumford provides an ideal setting for its accessible and affordable line of sail boats. 

Fulcrum initially moved into their new space in November 2021 and was faced with a daunting task of renovating the 16k square foot space into an efficient production area.  Dave Clark, President, worked closely with city officials to meet address all permitting and code requirements of the new operation.  Fulcrum’s team had to mobilize quickly to meet the strong demand for its unique line of boats. The result is a fantastic marine based manufacturing company now calls the East Providence Waterfront District home.   

Fulcrum’s best-selling product is The Rocket.  This model is a sturdy light weight boat that offers an easy option to enjoy the joys of sailing.  Checkout more details about the Rocket here:  https://youtu.be/mzJwfzqya5I.